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Think Forward: Our New Silver Sustainability Certification

At PGF we strive to Think Forward, conducting our daily operations with one eye on the future, not only of garment industry technology but our impact on the planet. Naturally, sustainability is integral to our business model. How can we combine innovative production methods and recycling practices to reduce waste and environmental impact? Here is our Sustainability at Work plan authored in implemented by our Sustainability Leader, Stephanie Liedman, and a few photos of recycled and up-cycled projects by our very own Kristina Nelson using factory scraps. 

From using scrap paper for notes and drafts, to reusing lightly used packing material and boxes, we’ll keep waste paper and cardboard out of the landfill and give used materials new life. We’ll continue to use washable cleaning and dusting rags and send our used printer cartridges out for recycling and refilling. Fabric scraps will be recycled by Gemtext or through creative reuse projects.


In an effort to reduce our energy usage we’ve recently set all office computers to sleep after 15 min or less of inactivity. We will continue to turn off all computers, lights, machines, and heating systems at the end of the day. 


We are committed to educating our clients and our community about fabric recycling options. We will notify clients about recycling options or offer to recycle scraps for them at the factory. We will communicate to our community that we have fabric scraps, strips, and scrap drawing/patterning paper available free to the public. 

Disposal and Recycling

In addition to fabric, PGF also recycles plastic bags, plastic film, and rigid plastics. We also offer our employees the ability to recycle and safely dispose of batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, old cellphones and electronics, and hazardous waste including old cleaning supplies, insecticides, etc. 

All our old furniture and equipment will be sold or donated when upgrades are made. 


PGF provides a bicycle repair kit, pump, and lock for employees and guests. Additionally, we have a shop bike available to employees for short trips. All employees and guests are welcome to bring and store bicycles on site in a secure location when visiting and working at the factory.