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Portland Inc Documentary Features PGF, Launches GoFundMe

"Portlanders are very aware, they are very hands-on here. In building a business, you think about what you want it to be like....not just: what is the product I'm going to sell.  But what is your intention? You have to have something deeper driving you, something built to last. That's where you find authenticity......or not." - Britt Howard in conversation with Portland Inc.

It’s no secret that Portland, OR, our beloved city, is changing. From it’s inception as a frontier timber town, to the most dangerous port city in the world at the turn of the century, to the affordable haven for counter-cultural movements and artists, to the progressive and design minded city we know today, Portland thrives on change.

But what happens when change occurs more rapidly than before? In the midst of a population boom, Portland seems plagued by its own success. How did we get here? What can we do to ensure livability and pave the way for a successful, diverse, and inclusive future in this city so often at the vanguard of urban and sustainable development?

Enter Portland Inc, a documentary by two native portlander’s covering the inception and legacy of The Downtown Plan, conceived and adopted in 1972, which greatly shaped Portland’s layout, and heretofore livability. After nearly two years of filming, they're ready for production. But, like many Portland area creatives, they need your help! Head over to support local business, local makers, and what promises to be an excellent documentary, Portland Inc, on GoFundMe.