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Portland: One of the Smartest Places on Earth

The term “rust belt” conjures up a very specific list of cities: Detroit, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland. But last week on NPR’s Morning Marketplace Report, host David Brancaccio mentioned another city while discussing the rust belt, a surprising addition which peaked my interest early Thursday morning: Portland.  


In his interview with Brancaccio, author Antoine Van Agtmael explains how former manufacturing cities are forming a new “brainbelt” revolutionizing manufacturing, bringing jobs back to the United States, and paving the way for sustainability. His new book "The Smartes Places on Earth" with co-author Fred Bakker profiles 30 places all over the word which are building on the forgotten strength of rust belt roots. 

Curious how Portland made the cut? Check out his full speech here, slides here, and get the book here.