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PGF Core Values

In the midst of our rebrand courtesy of Buff, Britt, Rose, and the PGF team decided it was time to update our core values. Managing a female-owned and operated sustainable business is revolutionary and badass itself, but what drives us to do what we do? What tenets form the core of our business philosophy?

After lots of brainstorming we’re proud to present the new and improved Portland Garment Factory Core Values:

Be Human

At the end of the day, we’re humans doing business with humans. At PGF we infuse our interactions with kindness, compassion, and understanding. We’re all in this together, let’s value and respect the humanity in ourselves and our customers.

Think Forward

At PGF we’ve always got one eye on the future. How can we become better, faster, more innovative and efficient for our customers? How can we create a more environmentally sustainable business and minimize our impact on the future of our planet?

Honor Process

PGF thrives on repeatable processes. Through honoring the processes we’ve engineered over the past eight years we ensure quality, efficiency, and timeliness. And if part of the process is broken, how can we improve it? Constantly improving the way we work is honoring the process as well.

Respect Time

With such a large volume of projects each with unique needs and deadlines, it’s important to respect not only our customer’s time, but our own hours we put into producing great work.

Invite Challenge

At PGF we rise to the challenge. Complex project? Never been done before? Bring. It. On. We harness the power of our creativity and manufacturing knowledge to solve problems, big and small, delivering incredible products while constantly pushing the boundaries of apparel and soft goods manufacturing.