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Here at PGF we are still glowing from last week’s ceremony for Portland Business Journal’s Small Business Innovation Awards. The diverse winners—from chili roasters designed like cement mixers, to a new device helping parents monitor their kids screen activity—are a testament to the vibrant, creative culture that Portland has become known for. 

It’s easy to dismiss “innovation” as an empty buzz word, but maybe that’s because we tend to overcomplicate its meaning. At PGF, as with all creative businesses, innovation happens daily in big and small ways. We innovate when we design a prototype that exceeds our client’s original idea. We innovate when we research and implement new ways to manage our carbon footprint as a zero waste factory. We innovate when we dream up and fabricate soft sculptures and installations. We innovate when we make endless lists of goals and ideas for the future. We innovate when we defy the notion of a one note cut + sew factory and offer myriad services under one roof. We innovate when we fail and when we succeed.

Thank you to the Portland Business Journal for recognizing the importance of creative thinking and action within our business community. Congrats to all the winners—we are excited for what the future holds! 

PS take a look at this slideshow of PGF on the Portland Business Journal site.