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Abstract, visual renditions of PGF's Core Values are now hanging in the factory above our amazing sewers. Made from factory fabric scraps, each flag takes a creative spin on PGF's five driving beliefs (in no particular order, all are created equal!):

  • RESPECT TIME. An hourglass shape, a reminder of the importance of time & pace. 
  • THINK FORWARD. A road leading to many paths with infinite ideas ahead. 
  • HONOR PROCESS. It bends and winds before it ends, each step with a clear purpose. 
  • INVITE CHALLENGE. Stacking of forms, recall climbing a great peak. 
  • BE HUMAN. Can you spy the makings of a face in fabric? 

Special thank you to PGF intern, Shelby for all her hard work co-designing with Britt and sewing the banners!