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The "phone itch" is real. It's that nagging impulse to check your device when you really shouldn't: during a meeting, at a concert, in a movie theater. The ingenious Yondr case, which was prototyped here at PGF(!), can help us resist temptation by locking up our phones. The pouch is gaining popularity (NPR link HERE) in schools and performance venues—you'll never see Dave Chappelle on stage without first popping your phone into a Yondr. And while to some it sounds like the greatest invention since velcro, the pouch is igniting debate about personal property, control, and safety. It's true that phones give us access to so much and often provide a sense of comfort, but at what cost? Maybe the Yondr case can help us experience what we've been missing since smart phones blasted into our lives. Let's lock 'em up and see! 

Illustrations courtesy of Yondr!