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Hi! This is a guest blog post from PFG's 2017 summer interns, Hanna and Calli. Over the summer we have been involved in various projects at PGF, and we wanted to share two fun ones we've worked on. 

The first project was well-suited for PGF's commitment to reduce the amount of fabric waste in the clothing industry. Together we collaborated on a few pieces of clothing made from fabric scraps. 

"I like the challenge of working with the limited nature of piecing together scraps into something wearable, functional, and fashionable."
~ Calli

First, Calli went through the scraps and found some that she wanted to work with, then she sketched out ideas for what the scraps could become. 

The next day, we settled on a design, which was a coat that had panels of large white mesh, and sleeves of tighter mesh with variations on the mesh throughout the piece. We also wanted to make a slip dress from some satin we had found to compliment the coat. We started by overlocking the fabric squares for the coat. 

Then, we adjusted the panels on a dress form to find the fit we were looking for and made alterations.

This went back and forth until the panels were where we wanted them, and then we worked on the sleeves. 

And behold the finished look! 

Another project we worked on this summer was preparing for PGF's booth at OMSI's Mini Maker Faire (September 16–17). Our booth activity involves making wearable and usable items from leather, metal snaps, and fringe, so stop on by! Calli prepared the leather for our activity, and made some samples of the finished products. 

Our booth decoration is very... flower-y! Hanna cut out all the pieces and combined sewing with iron-on glue patches to complete our photo booth. 

"During my time at PGF I really enjoyed discovering the hidden gems within the scrap bins and making projects like these flowers come to life!" 
~ Hanna