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The incomparable womenswear clothing designer, EILEEN FISHER has long been a business role model for PGF. EF designs, made from natural fibers like linen, cotton, and silk, are elegant, timeless, and a pleasure to wear. But it's not just the EF look that we admire, it's also the forward-thinking company ethos that makes EF a worthy business idol. From numerous environmental initiatives, to supporting amazing non-profit organizations, and providing grants to women-owned businesses, EILEEN FISHER continues to be a paragon of what businesses can and should be.

All of this is to say that we were extremely honored to have had the opportunity to work with EF on a recent project of making tote bags from upcycled EF garments through the company's clothing recycling program, FISHER FOUND (formally Green Eileen). 

Two tote styles were cut and crafted at PGF—rectangular made from stretch cotton and circular fashioned from linen—with many color scheme variations. The circular tote was designed here at PGF and is a special collaboration between PGF and FISHER FOUND. 

We're gearing up to host a FISHER FOUND Not-Quite-Perfect Sale of used EILEEN FISHER clothing at PGF in June—check back soon for more info or SIGN UP for our mailing list to be notified first!  

In the meantime, here are images of this unique upcycled tote-making process!