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Taking a moment to remember postmodern dancer/choreographer/visual artist, Trisha Brown. Her innovative work in performance and dance continues to inspire artists working across many mediums and genres. For a fuller picture of her amazing life, take a minute to read this NYT article. 

Trisha Brown’s dances are shaped by dreams of levitation, by geometry, enigma, physics, by memory, mathematics and geography, by language. Her gestural imagery challenges perception of the moving body, making the impossible appear possible. Imagining that dancers can fall not only down but up or sideways, Brown makes the rules of life seem arbitrary, offering an exhilarating transcendence of physical limits. Since 1962 her choreography has explored the interplay of intellect and instinct, paradoxes of logic and non sequitur, interpenetrations of present and past, coincidences of abstract form and mythic action, and the edges between visibility and invisibility. - Marianne Goldberg from Fifty Contemporary Choreographers published by Routledge, edited by Martha Bremser. To read the full essay, click here.