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It’s amazing to see what PGF fabric scraps become once they leave our doors. As a zero waste factory all of PGF’s fabric scraps are either donated to the community or recycled. Our scraps have taken on new lives as leather accessories, patchwork blankets, and latch hook rugs—they’ve even been used to stuff punching bags!

One of our favorite community programs that uses PGF fabric scraps is the Cozy Project started by Portland artist and founder of PenFelt Studio, LeBrie Rich. For the past eight years LeBrie has been teaching teen sewing workshops in public libraries. Two years ago she started the Cozy Project which teaches teens and youth how to sew mittens, hats, scarves, and tote bags. The handmade accessories are donated to Rose Haven, a women’s day shelter in NW Portland. LeBrie noted that her program gained momentum when teens started making items for Rose Haven, “What these teens need is to be needed for a project. Along the way I’ve learned that all people are eager for a chance to do something for others—especially if it is working with your hands and making something cool!”

The Cozy Project has received a great response from the community. From sewing machine and fabric donations, to crafters volunteering their time, the program continues to grow and thrive. Interested in getting involved? The Cozy Project has two upcoming workshops for grades 6–8 at the Capitol Hill Library on November 1st & December 5th, more info HERE! Also check out LeBrie's website HERE for news of upcoming workshops and projects. 

All images courtesy of LeBrie Rich