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Process: Kamp Grizzly Banner

Step 1: Idea

Step 2: ???

Step 3: RADNESS.

How do we get from concept to finished project? Countless hours of problem solving, hand stitching, and elbow grease. Here is an in-depth photo journal of our latest art department creation for local creative agency Kamp Grizzly. 

First, we plan and experiment. For this project we were provided with fabric, vintage army-green canvas tarps cut down from their original shapes into a pennant-like banner. Charged with assembling the pieces while maintaining the deconstructed and upcycled aesthetic, the team used a small swatch of fabric to test how it would react to different construction techniques. After checking and double checking: Would the grommets work? Would the steam seal adhesive actually stick the applique letters to the canvas? What color of thread looks best and which needle should we use? We were ready to start construction. 

Of course, it wouldn't be an adventure without a few technical difficulties. Thankfully we've got a handful of skilled Juki technicians on staff, including our co-founder Britt Howard who jumped in to save the day. 

Construction begins, focusing not only attaching the pieces together, but evenly distributing weight. The canvas fabric is quite heavy and when installed on a wall it's integral that each seam be able to bear the weight. 

One of the biggest challenges in sewing this banner is the volume and weight of the fabric. As we added fabric pieces it only got heavier! Calling in for back up, Britt enlisted a couple others to hold and distribute the weight of the banner while finishing up the final construction seams.

Time to add some character. Using a curved needle and pliers, Steph adds some decorative stitching along the seams, anchoring any loose ends and creating texture. The end result is part geometric, part DIY, part deconstructed, and all SUPER RAD.

Finally, after the stitching is complete, it's time to apply the letters. Using a typography file provided by the agency, we cut four large block letters from a custom pattern and apply steam seal to the back. Usine a steam iron to activate the adhesive, we apply the letters, allowing the fabric to pick up the seams and handwork of the tarps beneath. The result? Pretty darn cool. 

Looking forward to seeing how it looks in Kamp Grizzly's new space! Have a custom art department project you'd like us to make a reality? Need a unique piece to decorate your office space? Let us know here.