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Name: Elaine Benes
Title: Copywriter & temporary boss lady at J. Peterman Catalog
Memorable Traits: She's blunt, and like all the Seinfeld characters, supremely self-serving and hilarious. And of course there's her spastic "chicken dance"! 
Quote: "Here's to those who wish us well and those who don't can go to hell." Also love: "I'm not a lesbian! I hate men but I'm not a lesbian!" 
Love life: She plays the field with a diverse array of suitors—Jerry, David Puddy (8 ball!), The Wiz, famous baseball player Keith Hernandez, and many other less memorable men. 
Woes: Too many to count, every episode presents a plethora (usually people) including: her checked out boss J. Peterman, The Sidler, The Soup Nazi, Puddy, and all of her friends—remember when she ditched the crew only to take up with a cast of bizarro world friends? 
Then: Always wondered how she could stand the all male and quite honestly, very strange friend group. 
Now: Quote her all the dang time and her 90s style is BACK with vengeance and we're not complaining.