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Name: Clair Huxtable
Title: Senior Partner at law firm Bradley, Greentree & Dexter
Memorable Traits: Smart, sassy, loving mom and career woman who doesn't take any s**t.
Quote: That time she put Elvin in his place when he asked if she served her husband: "Now I am going to bring him a cup of coffee just like he brought me a cup of coffee this morning. And THAT, young man, is what marriage is made of: it is give-and-take fifty-fifty. And if you don't get it together, and drop these macho attitudes, you are never gonna have anybody bringing you anything anywhere any place any time EVER."
Love life: Hubby Cliff Huxtable he was lovable then but hard to watch now...
Woes: Picky eaters, fighting children, faulty products, double standards, and stereotyping.
Then: Remember thinking she was fun and strong, and a little bit intimidating.
Now: Still a stellar example of a rad mom and career woman, but wonder how it's possible for her to juggle it all so gracefully, after all she is a fictional character...