Portland Japanese Garden Happi Coats / by Britt Howard

When you visit the newly expanded Portland Japanese Garden, you'll notice garden staff and volunteers all wearing Japanese happi coats. These traditional cotton coats, are boxy handsome numbers with three-quarter length sleeves, historically worn to festivals, often with a family crest on the back. Here at PGF, we were excited to learn about this celebrated garment while making the new happi coats for the Portland Japanese Garden (images above!).  A hearty thank you to the staff and volunteers who let us snap a few pics of the happi coats in action!

A few images below survey the happi coat from traditional portraits, to the 1966 arrival of The Beatles in Japan.

And here's a look at the happi coats being made at PGF:

 Stacking, laying the pattern, and cutting the fabric for the happi coats. 

Stacking the fabric and laying the pattern for the happi coats

 After the pattern has been cut the happi coats are ready to be sent to the screen printer. 

After the fabric has been cut, the happi coats are ready to be sent to the screen printer

 Ning sewing the coats after they've been to the screen printer.

Nghien sewing the coats

 An sewing on the front sashes that read "Portland Japanese Garden"

An sewing the neck band onto the coats