80s & 90s BIZ LADY PROFILE: ANGELA BOWER / by Britt Howard

Name: Angela Bower (played by Judith Light)
Title: Advertising Executive
Quote: Sadly, no memorable ones to speak of...Why is that? 
Love life: Serious Angie and her laid back "manny" (played by Tony Danza) prove that opposites certainly do attract, and their tension made for good TV. But we're always left hanging, wondering "did they live happily ever after??" 
Woes: Angela's mom, Mona, whose sex life is off the hook and up in everyone's business. 
Then: Thought she was a bit uptight!

Now: Honestly, all we can think about is how Angela's character is completely flat compared to Judith Light's portrayal of Shelly Pfefferman on Transparent! We can only hope that these two shows are markers of how far we've come in terms of gender roles and norms.