Deep Dive: The PGF Herstory / by Britt Howard


In 2008 Britt Howard noticed an empty space waiting to be filled. Fashion had arrived in the Northwest but manufacturing, as she envisioned it, had not. She established Portland Garment Factory  a manufacturing workshop offering pattern development and garment construction for independent designers.

Shortly thereafter, Rosemary Brensen (then Robinson), a budding designer came along and partnered with Britt. Bringing a fortifying presence and a heart of gold, Rosemary enriched PGF from the core. In the following years Britt and Rosemary expanded their services and honed their craft. Possessing expertise born of practice, patience and discipline, they are able to develop for and support a range of clients, big and small, with their extensive portfolio of design and build services.

Speed up to 2016, PGF is honored to employ an incredible team of experts who value design, collaboration and the institution of makery! PGF is proud to be a leader in the new wave of domestic manufacturing.